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What’s New This Year for the Cross Country Ski Trails at Hanson Hills

Hanson Hills Cross Country SkiingWe are pleased to announce a few exciting changes to our Nordic Operations for the 2017-18 Season.

1.CLASSIC ONLY- We have added 5 kilometers to our Wilderness Trail making it a looped classic only adventure trail. With fun section names including Wanderlust, PB&J, Sunset Ridge and the soon to be famous Buck Snort!

2. SHORTCUT – We have opened a Service trail that could serve as a shortcut between the Red and the Green Trail to help our groomer/ski patrollers easily navigate trails without having to ride the whole system.

3. IN MEMORY OF –There will be a newer waxing bench added to our main lodge, the bench was donated from Michael Seaman’s Trust, this was his personal bench, that he prepped many ski’s on! We are honored to have this in memory of Mike and we hope you remember his athletic spirit as you prep your skis! We will also have envelopes for Mike’s Scholarship fund available in the lodge for all those who wish to donate!

4. GROOMER LOVE- We are adding an additional Bear Cat Groomer Special to our grooming fleet!

You will notice on our redesigned maps, point to point distances between colors!! Look for a new Trail Head (Coming Soon) signboard as well!


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3 days ago

Hanson Hills

Furry friends! Use caution on the trails ...


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I just love these guys. ❤️

So cool. I’ll keep my eye open!

My Dad and son saw this family a few weeks ago. So bummed I wasn’t with them.

My daughter just saw some. Could be the same ones.

Love it!

We were at Hanson last week, and I heard something big in the woods behind the hill! I figured it was bears! Will the XC team still practice there?

It's the momma with the hurt foot. Looks like she's moved west and south some since she lost one of her babies.

Blue Steel Michigan Trail Ragnar - we missed the local wildlife when we visited in June!! 🐻🐻🐻

How cool

Too cool

Vaughn Everhart

Rachie Ruth

Glen Clark Hank Kropf

Sharon Christiansen

Ashley Elizabeth


Jenny McKellar Adam Ancel Nils Lindwall glad we didn’t run into these guys during Ragnar 😳

Sandy Godby Moore

Nathan Coon and Ben-Jamin Coon

Ken Russell

Dave Curtis

Jason Howard

Joe Thomas

Patty Scott Keith Neuman

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3 weeks ago

Hanson Hills

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3 weeks ago

Hanson Hills

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