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AuSable River Canoe Marathon – Photos

Known by its legions of die-hard fans simply as “The Marathon”, this event is one of the original ultra-endurance events in North America. The Marathon is also the middle leg of the Triple Crown of Canoe Racing. New York’s General Clinton Canoe Regatta, staged Memorial Day, and Quebec’s Classique internationale de canots de la Mauricie, staged over the U.S. Labor Day weekend complete the Triple Crown circuit.


AuSable River Canoe Marathon – Photo Gallery (Click on photos for captions & slideshow view)

We would like to wish Grayling native, Nicole Rice Owens the best of travels and a good race while she is in Australia, doing the Massive Murray Marathon. She is trading in Perpetuem for Vegemite.  lol
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Rabaska/R-9 in the AuSable River Festival parade ๐ŸŽ‰ in Grayling, MI before the 9 p.m. start ๐Ÿof the AuSable River Canoe Marathon presented by Consumers Energy. ๐ŸŽ†

Find out more about the AuSable Marathon Rabaska/R-9 Racing Events Presented by Consumers Energy this weekend here -

Follow the 2018 AuSable River Canoe Marathon, presented by Consumers Energy, LIVE online and on the radio, July 28-29, here>

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Posted by friends at la Classique internationale de canots de la Mauricie, the final stage of the Triple Crown of Canoe Racing:

"La domination a un nom Lajoie/Triebold

"Le duo sera t'il capable de répéter leur exploit de la general clinton race à Cooperstown?

"Chose certaine il va y avoir de l'action sur la rivière Ausable !"

And, in English:

"Domination has a name Lajoie / Triebold

"Will the duo be able to repeat their feat at the General Clinton Canoe Regatta?

"Something is certain, there will be action on the AuSable River!

(Thanks to Michigan Canoe Race Association for photos)

Follow the 2018 AuSable River Canoe Marathon, presented by Consumers Energy, LIVE online and on the radio, July 28-29. For complete coverage information, visit the AuSable Marathon website, here>…/live-marathon-coverage

Here is a great Facebook post by Lily Brick who, with her mom is feeding for her husband and her dad, team #53 - Joe Manns and Alex Brick, of Minnesota. It is a great sketch of the what the competitors and the feeders are facing Saturday night into Sunday afternoon. Enjoy! Thanks for sharing, Lily.

"Alex Brick and my dad Joe Manns are racing in North America's toughest canoe race this weekend, the AuSable River Canoe Marathon, which runs from Grayling to Oscoda, Michigan. This whole week includes fun races and events that culminate in the grueling 120 mile, non-stop race through the night and into the next afternoon, which starts this Saturday at 9pm (lasting ~16 hours, meaning they will be averaging a continuous pace of ~7-8 mph).

"They have to weave around rocks and submerged trees, carry their canoe over 6 dams, and deal with weather conditions (fog, rain, blazing sun, wind), all while battling other teams for position. Half the race is done in the pitch-dark, with only a headlight (that Alex built from scratch, because of course) to guide you on the twisty, treacherous river. Alex (an AuSable rookie!) and dad are likely to finish in the top 40 out of a field of ~100 teams of the best canoe paddlers in the world. But even finishing this race is a huge accomplishment!"

"My mom Anne Manns and I are their support crew, meeting them at points on the river every 1.5-2 hours with food, drinks, dry clothes, repair kits, spare paddles, and anything else they might need to complete the race. We will be standing in a freezing trout river for 20 minutes in the pitch black, wearing ridiculous glowing pumpkin hats so our team can find us in the inky blackness. Alex and dad will suddenly emerge from the night, starting a flurry of activity which lasts only 10 seconds or so (hopefully).

"We trade out empty bottles and food wrappers for full jugs and new energy foods, plus peel off any cold, wet clothes and stuff their arms and heads through dry shirts, and then they disappear again, swallowed by the dark. Then mom and I tromp back to the car and drive to the next point on the river where we can meet them. Then we go down to the riverbank to cheer and wait anxiously for our team to find us, again. And again. And again. And again.

"Paddling for that long is incredibly taxing (both mentally and physically), and by the end, all of the racers, support crews, the amazing volunteers who make this race run smoothly, and the awesome fans who show up to cheer even in the middle of the night, are totally loopy from sleep deprivation. But everyone keeps coming back every year for this annual torture fest. Lots of type 2 fun out there :)

"For those of you interested in Alex and dad's progress during the marathon, look for boat #53 as you follow the race live (!) online on the live coverage page of the marathon website here

"For those not crazy enough to pull an all-nighter, you can wake up on Sunday morning, check the site, and see that the racers are only half-way done... (Oh god)."

The 2018 AuSable River Canoe Marathon, Presented by Consumers Energy, July 28-29.

From MISportsNow and 9&10 News: A report on the first day of Time Trial Sprints including an interview with the Australian team, canoe #32, Frank Kingma and James Miller.

See the full MISports and 9&10 News TV story here -

2018 AuSable River Canoe Marathon Week, Presented by Consumers Energy, continues with the Time Trials for Starting Position in Grayling, Michigan:
- Thursday 3:00 - 7:00 p.m.
- Friday 2:00 - 4:30 p.m

Come on out to see the great canoe-race sprinting action. It also is a wonderful opportunity to meet and chat with the competitors.

The 71st AuSable River Canoe Marathon, Presented by Consumers Energy, July 28-29.


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